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Incorporated in the year 1907, Jost’s Engineering Company Limited is engaged in the manufacturing of material handling equipment (MHD) and is the provider of the wide range of engineering products (EPD) solutions that find its applications across diverse industries. The Company is headquartered in Mumbai, with a pan-India presence through its strategically located units, sales offices and service units that cater to strategic markets.

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Aerial Work Platform

Josts is now distributing Skyjack range of Aerial Platform in India. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks that have given Skyjack a solid reputation as the manufacturer of the best scissor lifts in the world. Skyjack produces a full line of Aerial Work Platforms like Self Propelled Vertical Mast Lifts, DC Aerial Platform (Self Propelled) andContinue reading “Aerial Work Platform”

Three Wheel Platform Truck

3-wheel platform trucks are the ideal choice for transportation between the warehouse and production facilities, making it an integral part of industries. 3-wheel platform trucks are being extensively used for heavy loads over for long distances. It is used for all kinds of loads, especially non-palletised loads. The platform trucks are available with the versionsContinue reading “Three Wheel Platform Truck”

4 Wheel Platform Trucks

4-wheel platform trucks are multi-purpose vehicles used for material transport and also lifting operations. 4-wheel platform trucks are highly customisable and hence it serves many purposes in industries. The Jost’s Four Wheel Industrial Platform Truck type, Jotruk is medium and heavy duty material handling equipment used for the carrying the loads from 2,000 to 4,000Continue reading “4 Wheel Platform Trucks”

Scissor Lift

Scissor lift is a type of handling equipment used for heavy vertical lifting. They have a flat platform beneath which linked folded supports in criss–cross design known as the pantograph is attached. This pantograph extends vertically to lift the platform. Scissor Lifts are one of the popular equipment for material handling in the Indian industry andContinue reading “Scissor Lift”

Diesel Forklifts

Even though electric forklifts are creating a demand in the market, many consumers still prefer the traditional diesel engine driven forklifts Why Diesel forklifts over Electric Forklift Diesel forklifts have higher load capacities than compared to electric forklifts. Hence, they are used for heavy load applications in industries. Diesel forklifts can be used in anyContinue reading “Diesel Forklifts”

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